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Save the Date: Join our workshop @ the Research & Results 2019 in Munich

We believe that the unique combination of psychology and artificial intelligence in text analytics enables you to make accurate predictions and informed decisions based on facts and numbers.

This is why we invite you to join our workshop at this year’s Research & Results conference in Munich! The workshop takes place 23rd of October at 4.45PM in room 5. Take your chance to learn how psychology and AI can level up your market and brand intelligence.

Together with you, our founder and CEO Khaleeq Aziz will unfold hands-on-examples on how our technology and AI algorithms work. We’ll also look at three use cases, which illustrate how #psychologyAI can be applied in brand strategy, marketing & communication and survey analytics.

ATTENTION: We know how exhausting such a long day at a conference can be. Since we highly value your time with us, we’re going to provide you with a free regional treat to start the evening right, making sure you’re going to recover properly.

At our booth 122, you’ll also get a chance to see a live demo of our new #psychologyAI platform, which has yet to be launched. The platform is developed closely with market research experts in order to build an intelligent tool that truly fulfils researchers’ needs.

If you’d like a personalized demo, simply book an appointment by sending us an e-mail with your preferred day and time.

Stay tuned and see you soon!